On The Subject of Organized Matter

“What is seen, of any object – a tree, an animal, a stone, a man – is only a part of that tree, animal, stone or man. There is a force which, for a time, binds such objects together in the form you see them. [I am interested in investigating whether or not this ‘force’ Prentice (the author of this passage) speaks of are in fact, anyons. Anyons are subatomic particles that hold memory. ] That force is always acting upon them, to a greater or lesser degree. It builds up the flower to its fullest maturity. Its cessation to act on the flower or tree causes what we call ‘decay.’ It is constantly changing the shape of all forms of what we call ‘organized matter.’ An animal, a plant, a human being are not in physical shape this month or this year what they will be next month or next year.
This ever-acting, ever-varying force, which lies behind and, in a sense, creates all forms of matter – we call, ‘spirit.’
To see, reason and judge of life and things in the knowledge of this force makes what is termed the ‘spiritual mind.’
We have, through knowledge, the wonderful power of using or directing this force, when we recognize it and know that it exists, so as to bring us health, happiness and eternal peace of mind. Composed as we are of this force, we are ever attracting more of it to us and making it a part of our being.
With more of this force must come more and more knowledge. At first in our physical existences, we allow it to work blindly. Then we are in the ignorance of that condition known as the material mind. But as mind, through its growth or increase of this power, becomes more and more awakened, it asks, ‘Why comes so much of pain, grief and disappointment in the physical life?’ ‘Why do we seem born to suffer and decay?’
That question is the first awakening cry of the spiritual mind – and an earnest question or demand for knowledge must, in time, be answered.
The material mind is part of yourself, which has been appropriated be the body and educated by the body. It is as if you taught a child that the wheels of a steamboat made the boat move and said nothing of the steam, which gives the real power. Bred in such ignorance, the child, should the wheels stop moving, would look no farther for the cause of their stoppage than to try to find where to repair them, very much as now so many depend entirely on repair of the physical body to ensure it healthy, vigorous movement, never dreaming that the imperfection lies in the real motive power – the mind.” –Thoughts Are Things by Prentice Mulford. 1908.
I believe, creation, in all senses of the word, is simply the act of continuous organization and reorganization of matter, anyons (memory)(force) in space. Through creation, we allow ourselves to see who we are over and over again so that we may continue to change, shift and grow, forever.
“To draw is to look, and then look again.” Andrew Graham Dixon, The Secret of Drawing

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