My paintings study the relationship between thought and reality. They investigate the origins of matter through abstract expressionism. As each piece is subjectively viewed, one may focus on the reality of the material objects themselves. Observing pigments mixed with plastics, oil or water, pushed across canvas made of cotton or wood. Then, stretched over a wooden frame. Others may focus on thought, allowing them to see possibilities through the naked eye or by micro and/or macro perspective. One may see an ocean wave, a collection of cells under a microscope, or a telescopic view of a nebula. Another might experience excitement, concentration, sadness or pure energy. Whichever it may be, my focus is on fundamental material and how it relates to raw thought, providing potential for endless realities. 


Think, Be, Do
2020, oil on canvas, 100x150cm.
2020, oil on canvas, 149x100cm.
2020, oil, acrylic & powder pigments on canvas, 80x80cm
2020, oil on canvas, 105x105cm.
2020, oil on canvas, 70x100cm
Destruction I
2020, oil on canvas, 70x100cm
Waves & Particles 
2020, oil and powder pigment on canvas, 145x185cm.
White Lies
2020, oil, acrylic & rust on canvas, 80x80cm

2020, oil & powder pigment on canvas, 110×120 cm.

Conversations of the Heart
2020, oil, gold-leaf & powder pigment on canvas, 80x80cm.