Two Weeks to Two Years

Hello All!! Sometimes a weekly post turns into a bi-weekly post apparently. Apologies for the delay! The last couple of weeks however have been very BIG in developing what the next couple of years are going to look like for my career as an artist. I am not quite ready to announce exactly what these developments are and what they have in store but rest assured, you will be among the first to know! One thing I can share is that I am starting an email list for those who wish to follow my monthly progress as an artist. My monthly news letters will be where I make the biggest announcements about my work first. It is also where I will be showing my latest work before it is posted to the website or social media, and I will also be sharing detailed stories about my paintings and what inspired each piece. I should have everything set up to begin by the end of the week, so I will keep you posted on how to join and become an even more connected follower of my creative development.

On the creative front, I have been researching a lot this week and the two things I have either come across or have been recommended are Deepak Chopra’s “Training the Mind, Healing the Body Audiobook Part 1” and Many Lives Many Master by Dr. Brian L. Weiss. Both come highly recommended from me to listen to and consider. I would be interested to hear others perspectives and what they have gotten from each of these lectures and books. I feel as though the meditation I was discussing two weeks ago on “Why and I important?” is starting to unfold. It is beginning to take shape. Through these sources of information I have been able to let go of so many past layers and heal more of my present self. This has allowed me to walk a little deeper on my path, which I am incredibly thankful for.

Everything we have done, everything we are doing, and everything we will do continues to inform the person we become. With this understanding in mind, I am take to heart and meditate this week on the words of Stephen C. P. Gardner in “Drawing: A Complete Guide”;

“Drawing is about looking and seeing and then looking again. Each new mark analyzes the marks that came before in a cyclical process of evolution and response.”

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